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Services !!!

Banquet Facility !!!

Located ghatkopar in mumbai, Banquet Facility will help you throw a memorable party that your guests will love and never forget. Make your next event memorable by booking your event with us. You can relax knowing that your next event or party will be a resounding success. A main focus of ours at the Banquet Facility has always been giving our clients exactly what they need, and delivering it with precision and expertise. Exceeding our client's expectations is our goal. We achieve that goal by making sure that every event, big or small gets the same amount of attention and care.

Outdoor Catering !!!

Making every celebration special and every occasion memorable As food is an indispensable and integral aspect of any celebration, Modern Kitchen has honed the ability of satiating every palate into a fine art. Our Modern kitchen is well equipped and we offer the widest array of cuisines that ranges from Punjabi, Indian, Continental, Chinese, Gujarati, Marwari, South Indian, Bengali, Sindhi, Jain, Japanese, Thai, Mexican or any other taste that catches your fancy… just name it and we will serve it up with pleasure and panache.

Corporate Meals !!!

Many corporate offices spend a great deal of money on ensuring employe e satisfaction, yet they often neglect the big role of catering services in maintaining employee health and satisfaction. Modern Kitchen corporate catering service will provide meals that are not just tasty, but also hygienic and healthy, thus contributing to the long term well-being of your team. Further, our wide range of cuisines help ensure that the meals do not become mundane. In addition, we offer our corporate customers a monthly dietician counseling camp at their office, on request.
Our Corporate Meals service is designed to service offices with at least 15 employees and up to 500 employees.

Party Order !!!

Whatever you choose, our food will taste every bit as good at your gathering as it does in our restaurant. Our party trays and platters are packed fresh for pick up and delivery, so that our food is just as delicious as you remember it.